Code of Conduct

          1.     All members must pay the member dues.
          2.     Members will exercise a professional level of courtesy, respect, and ethical conduct when listening and communicating ideas.
          3.     All members must abide to Honolulu Community College’s Student Conduct Code.
          4.     All members must sign White Hat Code of Conduct.
          5.     All members must abide to State and Federal Laws.
          6.     All members must not observe disruptive or disorderly conduct.
          7.     Theft, Vandalism, and Dishonesty are all violations to Code of Conduct.
          8.     Members will exercise reasonable care, good faith, and due diligence in organizational affairs.

Remember, you are a direct representation of The Hawaii Advanced Technology Society, our CENT/ISA/ICS departments, our school, our professors, and all affiliates, be as proud as we are to be part of this club and to take part in this movement.

Jurisdiction of Club’s Code of Conduct:
The Club’s Code of Conduct shall be applied to all club-related activity including meetings, events created by club, fundraising projects, club-sponsored events, events/non club-related meetings attended by members, and community service projects.

Allegation, Investigation, and Disciplinary Action
Violations to any of the Code of Conduct rules will be immediately investigated by a panel of the club’s Directors and any available Faculty Advisor. A meeting will be held where the member who has violated any rules will be able to present any evidence to the panel in the violator’s defense. Any confirmed violations will result in termination of club membership. If the validity of the violation is questionable, a majority vote by panel will determine disciplinary action which can range from warnings to termination.

Agreement of Code of Conduct submission:
I have read the above and agree to abide by the Hawai’i Advanced Technology Society Code of Conduct.

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